Chemical / Household Product Testing

Testing Specialty Chemical/Household Products

There are dozens of hidden toxins in household chemical products. Agencies are becoming stricter and the general public is quickly becoming more aware. Chemical testing services help identify a product formula, in addition to any possible risk factors. When marketing or manufacturing chemical cleaning products, these items can be subject to federal labeling requirements, clear communication regarding hazards, and registration with the FDA, EPA, CPSC and other related agencies.

Our Products

Some key examples of chemical and household products include:
  • Disinfectants — If a product claims to destroy or kill any pest, including bacteria, it generally needs to be reported to the EPA. From potential adverse effects to labeling requirements, regulations vary.
  • Sanitizers that come into contact with food — Once again, the EPA tends to regulate these products based on the Food Quality Protection Act. FDA standards are also common practice.
  • Consumer cleaning products — The spectrum of cleaning products is vast; however, one of the main concerns relates to volatile organic compounds.
  • Air fresheners — Hidden hazards are lurking in air fresheners, including phthalates.
At CPT℠, our chemical testing services help our clients identify exactly what’s in their product(s), so that they can confidently enter the marketplace. When you undergo vigorous testing, using state-of-the-art technology, you can be assured that your household chemical products comply with industry standards and regulations. You can also identify the effectiveness of newly developed products, supporting any labeling claims. When seeking chemical testing services, CPT℠ is an industry leader, providing a wide range of programs and consulting opportunities.

Our Departments

Whether you want to test the safety of food packaging or analyze possible contaminants, we specialize in areas such as in-vitro toxicology and microbiology. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:
  • Analytical — We assist our clients in all aspects of testing and development in relation to specialty chemical products. CPT℠ will help you complete properly executed ANDA, NDA and IND documentation and submissions.
  • Microbiology — Whether you’re concerned about environmental validations or require specialty programs in relation to germicides and fungicides, we provide consulting and chemical testing services.
  • In-Vitro Safety — When using chemical ingredients, toxicology is always a key concern. We offer a range of services, including skin irritation, skin corrosion and eye irritation tests.

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