Photobiology Services

Global Leader in Sun Protection and Sunscreen Testing

Being global industry leaders in sun protection testing for more than 25 years, our Photobiology Division offers services utilizing methods adopted worldwide for compliance to regulatory requirements. In addition to standard SPF, PFA, Phototoxicity and Photoallergy testing, CPT℠ works with our clients to determine novel testing methods including sand resistance, water protection, and pilot research programs.

Our Capabilities

  • Phototoxicology
  • • Photoallergy (6 week test)
  • • Phototoxicity (4 day test)
  • Sunscreen Efficacy Testing
  • SPF Protection Efficacy
  • • FDA Final Rule (2011)
  • • Cosmetics Europe (COLIPA)
  • • ISO 24444
  • 40 and 80 minute Water Resistant Testing
  • • FDA Final Rule (2011)
  • • Cosmetics Europe (COLIPA)
  • UVA Protection Efficacy (UVAPF)
  • • JCIA (PPD – Persistent Pigment Darkening Method)
  • • ISO 24442
  • Claim Substantiation
  • • Sand Resistance
  • • Rub off Potential
  • • In-Vitro
  • • FDA Broad Spectrum
  • • ISO 24443
  • • Custom Protocol Development to meet your needs
  • • GMP sunscreen Assays (all organic and inorganic actives, including TiO2 and ZnO), Raw Material testing, Method Validation, Process Validation and Stability Services also available.
  • • GMP Consulting by in-house experts, including, Compliance Audits and Vendor Certification Programs.

We test for all skin types, as represented in the chart below.

Our Departments

We take every possible measure to assist our clients, supporting their efforts during this critical phase. The product being tested will determine what department ultimately assists in your evolving needs. Based on the complexity of cosmetic safety testing, our clients often take advantage of numerous departments, such as:

  • Clinical — If testing a lotion, for instance, dermal irritation and sensitization testing will be an essential component of the pre-market testing and validation process.
  • In-Vitro Toxicology — Over the past 10 years, we have maintained focus on our in-vitro program for dermal and ocular irritation screening.
  • Microbiology — As expected, microbiology and formulation go hand-in-hand for cosmetic safety testing. From stability testing programs to sterility validation, we offer programs for all areas of cosmetic testing.
  • Photobiology — We are industry leaders in terms of our photobiology capabilities, offering SPF protecting efficacy, water resistant testing and more.
  • Analytical — Offering both development and testing support, CPT℠ has partnered with client firms to submit properly executed NDA, IND and ANDA documents.

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