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Fast, Reliable and Affordable Product Testing Services.


Results Gathered From Everyday People Like You.


Fast, Reliable and Affordable Product Testing Services.


Results Gathered From Everyday People Like You.

Dedicated to Obtaining Truthful Results

A global leader in the responsible testing of personal care, pharmaceutical and therapeutic products. CPT℠ is committed to the ethical generation of data, which results in the introduction of reliable products to the marketplace. Our focus is to provide our clients support for the health and well-being of their customers.

Analytical Services

Clinical Division

Microbiology Services

Photobiology Department

In-Vitro Toxicology

Consulting Services

For Panelists Looking
to Test New Products

It is our job to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products that have been carefully crafted by our clients and will be used by their customers. That is why, before these products are sold on shelves, product testing by panelists helps to collect real-time data and honest opinions that will be used to produce the highest quality product possible. We are actively recruiting panelists to help us test products and receive compensation for their time.

For Businesses in Need of Expert Product Testing Services

The CPT℠ name is synonymous with quality and that is exactly what you can expect when you work with us. As testing laboratory experts, our capabilities run the spectrum of analytical chemistry, clinical safety, efficacy/claims substantiation, photobiology, microbiology and in-vitro toxicology testing services. With our skilled staff and cutting-edge technology, CPT℠ can help bring your product to market while attaining the utmost compliance with all regulatory standards.

By the Numbers



New Panelists
in 2018


Clinical Studies

(18.5% increase from 2017)


Sunscreen Studies

(23% increase from 2017)


Performed HRIPT Product Tests

(17.4% increase from 2017)


ASD Sample Tests Performed

(7.2% increase from 2017)


Micro Sample Tests Performed

(25.6% increase from 2017)


IV Sample Tests Performed

(29.3% increase from 2017)


Clinical & Photobiology
Samples Evaluated


Clinical & Photobiology Panelist Visits
Division Growth Through the Years

Total Samples tested in all departments

A Legacy of Integrity

Our commitment to our clients has been a core principle of our organization since its inception in 1975. For more than four decades, our commitment to developing innovative solutions and pioneering proprietary techniques have set the standard in product testing. While we have evolved, our commitment to integrity has never wavered.

See What People Are Saying About CPT℠

Stephanie Terrero
A year ago
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Everyone is super nice def after trying TKL research , CPT is definitely the way to go extremely professional. On my second study and will keep coming back , very friendly staff.
Marion Flotard
3 months ago
Read More
Great employees! Great place!
Mazellia Ross
A year ago
Read More
This place is great my Sister and I come here for the studies . The staff is wonderful.
Satisfied Client
Read More
Working with Consumer Product Testing Company over the past ten years has been a real pleasure. As head of R&D and Product Development across 3 companies in my career, I have found CPTC to be one of the most professional, honest, fair, and most efficient when it came to new product testing trials or SPF testing. Their dedicated staff has always been very welcoming and guided us along the way when it came to supporting test methods on any unique or innovation formulations.
Satisfied Client
Read More
Over the past 10 years Consumer Product Testing Company has been a foundational partner. Leveraging their expertise in product testing, toxicology, and SPF evaluation has help us not only remain agile in our evolving market, but the highly-skilled CPT℠ team has aided in the professional development of our team through their guidance and experimental design. The range of capabilities at CPT℠ make them a top partner with it comes to comprehensive, trusted product testing.
Satisfied Client
Read More
CPT℠ performed this analysis for us - it was done quickly and is reasonably priced! CPT℠ has always been top of the game! Nice job. In an evolving marketplace around product testing and claims, it is always best to partner with one of the top testing labs to work with in the personal care industry.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Read More
CPT℠ has assembled an excellent team of professionals who not only make my life easy, but leave me with peace of mind. I NEVER worry when CPT℠ is handling any part of testing our products. That kind of reassurance is priceless. I appreciate every member of the Analytical and Microbiology teams. Steve G, Eric R, Joe P, Bipin, Keith G and Bill Neumann are my guys - The BEST guys. And I cannot forget David who handles all of our Stability portfolios, or Myra who always meets me at the back door to accept the drop offs, or Leslie who expedites quotes for me left and right and all the time. I LOVE these people, I am grateful for them.
Satisfied Client
Read More
Again, thank you for the amazing communication; that goes to all members of CPT℠ Labs. The excellent customer service is much appreciated!
Satisfied Client
Read More
This made a lot of people here very happy (No Backorders). I and all of our management thank CPTC Labs for going beyond good to exceptional.
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