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Analytical Testing Services

Analytical Testing Services for Therapeutic Products

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) describes a therapeutic product as being a Drug, Medical Device, Biological or Dietary Supplement.   Before a new therapeutic product  can be introduced into the US marketplace, it must first satisfy an extensive list of FDA/GMP requirements and standards.  Quality testing of therapeutic products ensures regulatory compliance for our clients and supports the safety and well-being of the general public.

If you plan on bringing a new Over-the Counter (OTC) therapeutic product to the US market, CPT℠ consultants can provide guidance to help navigate the layers of regulatory requirements.  The testing of raw materials, finished products, plastic container/closure systems, preservative systems, the conducting of stability studies, and special projects associated with testing for low-level contaminants are just a few of the ways that CPT℠ can assist with your testing needs. Why not contact us today?

Our Analytical Testing Capabilities

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Please Note: CPT℠ only performs testing for companies. We do not perform product testing for the general public.