Interested in Participating in a Pediatric Study?

We Are Currently Recruiting Panelists Between the Ages of 1 Month and 10 Years Old.

Established in 1975, CPT℠ is an FDA regulated lab that provides elite testing services to our clients to ensure they provide safe and effective products for their customers. Our state-of-the-art facility is centrally located in Fairfield, NJ,

Our commitment to the safety and efficacy of the products we test is the direct result of our dedication to improving the lives of those who use them. As a result, CPT℠ conducts over 3500 studies per year, based on a legacy of integrity and truthful results.

We are looking for volunteers to provide their opinions and participate in clinical trials, which is valuable and integral to the product launching process. Compensation is dependent upon the type and length of each clinical trial.

Panelist Biosafety Information

All panelists MUST Read the Panelist Biosafety Procedure before coming to the facility

The health of our panelists and staff is our primary concern. Panelists will be contacted to schedule appointments for all studies, including patch tests. You will only be admitted into the facility if you have a scheduled appointment.


What Can I Expect?

To ensure that a company’s product is market ready, it needs to be evaluated to ensure its safety and effectiveness.  Subjects are compensated to test these products under controlled conditions.

All products that are being tested are personal care and cosmetic products that are found over-the-counter. CPT℠ is not a research and development laboratory. No pharmaceutical grade products are included in these tests.

CPT℠ is a FDA regulated, ethical testing laboratory that prides itself on transparency. Before a study is scheduled for enrollment, the ingredient list of each product is carefully reviewed for safety. The study may also be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure the study will be conducted safely for the subjects.

CPT℠ is a healthy subject testing laboratory. When you enroll your child in the process, you will be required to fill out a full-health profile and medical history. This information is then reviewed by a Registered Nurse to determine eligibility.

Once approved for a specific study, you will submit a W-9 form and provide identification and your child’s birth certificate.

All product testing subjects, regardless of age, can withdraw consent to the study before, during or after the tests. Our main goal is that our subjects feel comfortable and safe.

Every minor is accompanied by their parents or legal guardian and clinical staff during the entire testing process. Each study is overseen by an independent Board-Certified Physician

Although it is a rare occurrence, an allergic reaction many occur, such as a rash, skin irritation or simply an itching sensation.

The products that are being tested are over-the-counter personal care products that can be purchased at a drug store without a prescription. We are not performing invasive testing, and as the minor’s parent or guardian, you are present 100% of the time.

Testing time depends on the study you are participating in, however, most visits to our facility are between 30-45 minutes.

We have wonderful testimonials from some of our panelists that can be viewed here. If you have additional questions please contact 973-577-9203

What types of products are being tested?

Over-the-counter personal care, sunscreen, lotion, shampoo, diaper products, etc.

Is it safe?

food and drug administration

CPT℠ is a FDA regulated, ethical testing laboratory.

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