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How to Test Beauty Products and Get Paid

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If you’re someone who flips through beauty magazines and gets excited about trying the latest products, then you might enjoy getting paid to test beauty products.

Cosmetics and beauty companies are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to test beauty products and provide valuable feedback. They want to hear from people like you, who will represent the public in an honest and constructive manner. If so, then here’s what you need to know to get started.

Why Become a Beauty Product Panelist?

If you love everything about the beauty industry, this is your chance to get involved and have an influence. There’s no special training required to test beauty products, only an interest in beauty products and a willingness to share your opinions. You will be paid to participate, but most product testing panelists say they’re glad they took part because they enjoyed meeting new people and having a unique experience.

Product testers also like the idea that their opinions can actually influence how a product is introduced. Your feedback may alert the product development team that the product needs more work, like a fragrance or color change. Your comments can also help the manufacturer offer consumers clear use instructions for the best results or decide what performance claims to make about the product.

When you test beauty products, you can play a big role in getting new products to market. This helps the manufacturer meet its goals and, more importantly, helps beauty product users know what to expect from the products they buy. Maybe best of all, you get to be among the first to try new products!

What Can I Expect as a Beauty Product Tester?

Beauty products can be tested in a variety of ways, and every study has a unique set of instructions and expectations of product testers (also called study subjects). In any case, the first step is to identify a reliable clinical testing facility that conducts tests on beauty products and then sign up to become a product tester.

When you are selected for a study, you will visit the testing facility to receive the test product and detailed information about the study, including product use instructions. The professional staff is there to support you. You will be encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of the study.

Some beauty product tests are completed the same day when you try the product and give immediate feedback about how you like it. Other studies may take place over a period of days or weeks while you are using the product and otherwise going about your normal activities. You may be given a questionnaire to answer about your experience with the product, or you may receive a daily diary in which to note your comments. You may be asked to return to the testing facility on certain days for clinical evaluation by the facility’s professional staff or by a dermatologist. Again, each study is different, depending on the product being tested and the goals for the study.

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How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to sign up to become a panelist. CPT℠ Labs is a testing facility with an established history and a very positive reputation among product testers, helping thousands of people like you get involved in the testing process.

Many studies are open to anyone over age 18, but some have more limited qualifications. If you don’t qualify for one study, your information will be kept on file for the next opportunity that’s right for you. Check out the latest studies and express your interest in becoming a beauty product tester today!

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