In-Vitro Dermatological Testing

In-Vitro Dermatological Testing

In-vitro safety dermatological testing is recommended prior to human clinical trials to evaluate product safety. Product manufacturers are responsible for determining personal care product safety and efficacy. Safety assessment experts can help determine if appropriate and sufficient data on proposed formulations is available or if additional toxicological evaluations need to be conducted. Several validated in-vitro methods are available for determining all relevant forms of dermatological toxicity including:

  • Dermal irritation
  • Skin sensitization
  • Ocular irritation
  • Phototoxicity

Once formulation safety is established with in-vitro methods, manufacturers must confirm product performance with clinical studies. During this time, foundational skin studies may also be considered to include clinical responses from different skin types (e.g., oily, dry, mature, sensitive, etc.). Good Clinical Practices use ethically developed trials with human volunteers to confirm product efficacy and are excellent in evaluating product performance and real-world safety outcomes. Clinical assessments evaluate acute and cumulative dermal irritation and skin sensitization outcomes in addition to product performance.

Dermatological in-vitro safety testing and clinical trials, taken together, lead to well-substantiated product claims that are key to ensuring your product’s success.

Our Capabilities

CPT has state-of-the-art analytical, microbiological, clinical, photobiology, and in-vitro toxicology testing laboratories, all of which are at your disposal in the determining of product safety, efficacy and efficiency.

Using our specialized departments and well-respected lab facility, we test a wide range of products at CPT. Our in-house experts offer guidance to determine the efficacy of your products while ensuring compliance and accommodating your budgetary concerns.

Understanding the steps to proper in-vitro dermatological testing is crucial to the success of a product in the marketplace. Rigorous testing conducted by an experienced laboratory can provide you with the answers you seek.

Our Departments

Based on the individual needs of our clients, we offer a wide range of support across various departments. Since initial product testing can be fairly complex in terms of a high-quality, safe and trusted product, our clients typically explore the benefits of numerous departments and areas of expertise, including:

  • Clinical — Efficacy trials can be performed for safety, consumer in-use, and to support claims such as ‘dermatologist-tested’ and ‘ophthalmologist-tested.’
  • In-Vitro Toxicology — Our In-Vitro Toxicology department assists clients when they are looking to perform non-animal (animal-free) toxicology testing.
  • Microbiology — Microbial contamination and preservative efficacy testing are key to cosmetic and OTC drug products.
  • Photobiology — From SPF and Water-Resistant claims to Photoallergy and Phototoxicity studies, CPT℠ is the world leader in sunscreen testing.
  • Analytical — From raw materials, product batch release, and stability shelf-life testing to “free-of” and low-level detection claims, our analytical department ensures that all requirements are met based on industry standards.
  • Consulting – Our consulting staff can perform GMP and GLP audits of your facilities or vendors, help create SOPs, develop testing programs, etc.

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