Lon Weiss

Co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer

"Bringing a blend of management, production, & operations experience to CPT℠, he transformed systems to support the significant growth..."

Lon Weiss received his B.S. in Polymer Science from Pennsylvania State University. Upon graduation, he joined Recon Associates, a division of Wickhen Products, as a Polymer Chemist. He was put in charge of a project to scale-up and commercialize a product for a large government contract. In the Fall of 1986, Dow Corning purchased Wickhen Products and Lon continued to work on additional controlled release products, processes, and devices. Due to this work, Lon is a co-inventor on several patents that cover controlled release polymers and devices. After a merger of his Research and Production group with a group from the Provesta division of Phillips Petroleum, he was relocated to Fresno, California and promoted to Site Manager of Fresno Operations of AgriSense, Inc. He gained his expertise in regulated product manufacturing during this time as the plant was regulated by the EPA.

In the Spring of 1991, Lon joined Consumer Product Testing℠ Company with his brother Craig. They started the Analytical Chemistry Division shortly thereafter and entered the OTC, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical contract testing market. Bringing a blend of management, production, and operations experience to CPT℠, he transformed systems to support the significant growth in the early 1990’s. He helped expand CPT℠ into the Pharmaceutical, OTC, and Medical Device industries, as well as the Cosmetic and Specialty Chemical markets. As Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Management Team continues to expand services and grow the business while maintaining the highest levels of compliance with governmental and ISO 17025 quality regulations.

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