Our Panelist Facility

A state-of-the-art facility

Our number one priority is your safety and well-being. Test the latest products before they come to the market and have a say in our testing process.

We Are the Global Leader in Sunscreen Testing

Families count on us to cover all the bases of testing sunscreen that can be relied on. By participating in studies involving 38 solar simulators and 3 hot tubs and whirlpools, you can help verify the efficacy of sunscreen products that are used by these families everyday.

Become a Cosmetic Product Tester

Be the first to try out the latest makeup trends before they hit the market. Our experts abide by regulatory guidelines to ensure safe and reliable makeup testing that’s on the forefront of the industry.

Is Skin Care Important to You?

We test the top brands to ensure that consumers get the best products from the marketplace. Find your new favorite lotion and participate in a range of studies that verify manufacturer’s claims.