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Why You Should Get Involved with Teeth Whitening Product Testing

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Americans are clamoring for products that improve teeth whiteness. As a result, companies are continuously developing new teeth whitening products that work better and faster. These products must go through rigorous teeth whitening product testing to ensure safety and efficacy for the consumer.

What Are Teeth Whitening Products?

From toothpaste to whitening strips, there’s a wide range of products currently on the market designed to whiten teeth. Some products, such as whitening strips, are designed simply to whiten teeth, while other products, such as toothpaste, are designed to add teeth whitening to an existing function. By developing a wide variety of teeth whitening products, companies seek to meet the demands of consumers. Today, the most common teeth whitening products include whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, and whitening mouthwashes, and less common are gels and varnishes.

Teeth stains can either be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic teeth stains develop on the surface of teeth; intrinsic stains are found deeper within the tooth.  Products are created to whiten teeth based on stain location and severity. For example, non-bleaching whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes tend to target extrinsic stains.  Bleaching products, which contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, target deeper intrinsic stains. Although these products contain bleaching agents, levels are typically so low that the products are considered cosmetics — not drugs.  However, strong teeth whitening products like those supplied to dentists are more potent and must be approved by the FDA.

How Are Teeth Whitening Products Tested?

Regardless of the product’s strength, teeth whitening products must be safe for human use. Like all products, teeth whitening product testing must be conducted to ensure the safety of the product. This testing entails clinical trials that evaluate the efficacy of the product, providing data for scientific claims. For example, in addition to whitening teeth, a product may claim to be ideal for sensitive teeth. To make such a claim, the product must undergo all of the relevant teeth whitening testing on people with sensitive teeth.

A popular method when testing these teeth whitening products is to observe the shade color of teeth before and after use of the product. The X-Rite® ShadeVision® System measures the exact shade color of teeth at any time. Typically, the tooth color is measured at baseline before the teeth whitening product is used, and then at various time periods after the person has used the teeth whitening product.

Become Part of the Latest Teeth Whitening Studies

If testing new products excites you, then you should consider becoming a subject for teeth whitening product testing. As teeth whitening products are developed, they need to be clinically tested. Volunteer subjects are selected based on specific criteria, depending on the type of clinical trial.

Subjects evaluate the performance of the product being tested and then provide feedback based on their experience. This helps develop a higher quality product, which improves the consumer’s experience. Whether you are interested in science and technology or would simply like to be a part of something greater, you can view the currently available clinical trials here.

Ready to get involved? Apply to become a subject today!