Easy Steps to Make Money Testing Cosmetics in NJ

CPT Labs

CPT Labs

When you’re looking for a cosmetic product, chances are the claims made on the labels influence your choices. Is the mascara waterproof? Is the moisturizer for sensitive skin? The Federal Trade Commission requires that claims on cosmetic labels be truthful.

To support these claims, and sometimes simply to assess the appeal of their product, cosmetic manufacturers conduct “in use” studies, or clinical trials, in professional cosmetic testing facilities. This testing involves people like you who are paid to try the products and provide honest feedback. By participating, you can make a difference in the effort to bring products to the marketplace, and you can make some extra cash!

Step 1: Find a lab that’s right for you.  

As a panelist, you will be compensated for your time and feedback, and you’ll also get to be among the first to try new cosmetic products and influence product development and marketing. You’ll have the best experience working with a lab that tests products that are important to you or that interest you.

A quick Internet search will bring information about a number of New Jersey-based labs to your fingertips. On their websites, you can learn what types of studies each lab conducts, technologies they employ, credentials of their professional staff, their history, ethical standards, and other information.

Step 2: Sign up to become a panelist.

Most labs will post a list of their current studies so you can tell if you might be a good fit for one right away. For example, there may be a new study that’s looking for females age 30 to 60. If you’re in this group, you might test an innovative new face mask.

Even if you don’t qualify for a current study, apply to become a panelist at the lab to get your name on the roster for future studies that are a better fit for you.

Step 3: Participate & provide candid feedback.

Once you’re accepted for a study, experts will provide detailed instructions, answer your questions, and support you from start to finish. All testing activities are designed with your safety and strict regulatory guidelines in mind. Simply follow the directions and give your truthful opinions.

As a panelist, you get a sneak peek at the latest products before they hit the shelves! You also help others by representing end-users in the product development process.

Step 4: Repeat if desired!

Many panelists continue to participate in studies after their first experience, and some make a lasting and potentially lucrative hobby of testing cosmetic products. You can too!

Ready to get involved?

Check out what these CPT Labs panelists have to say about their experiences as today! product testers. Then check out our list of current studies and apply to become a panelist today!