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Becoming a Paid Product Tester in NJ

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To become a paid product tester in NJ, you will need to take some key steps.

The first step is to contact a credible testing facility in your area.  Once they have your information, you’ll essentially begin your product testing journey. Whether you are interested in compensation, in making a difference or are simply intrigued by the latest technology, becoming a product tester can result in a wide range benefits.

Not sure where to begin?  Take the first step by calling Consumer Product Testing Company at 973-808-7363 and dial “7” when prompted.

Here’s your guide to help you become a paid product tester in NJ.

The Importance of Product Testing

As a consumer, when you purchase a medical device or even a beauty product, you expect it to be safe. You also have certain expectations in regards to the product’s quality and efficiency.  Manufacturers thoroughly test their products under a number of conditions to meet their quality and efficacy standards. Whether they are developing a new sunscreen product or are formulating an injectable drug, they must ensure that the product delivers what has been advertised.

They also need to make safety a top priority. With access to dozens of reliable tests across a number of specialized departments, manufacturers can test how their products will react under varying conditions. A credible testing facility will then hire paid volunteers to provide valuable feedback.


Your Role as a Paid Product Tester in NJ

Once a product has undergone the initial testing phases, it will then be tested by subjects in a well-controlled clinical trial. The data obtained from this clinical trial determines a product’s in-use performance.

For example, if you are testing the latest skin serum, you may provide your opinion based on:

  • How the serum feels on your skin
  • Whether or not it is an inviting product (both in terms of the packaging and the product itself)
  • The texture of the serum when applied to your skin
  • Any sensation you feel, whether it’s positive or negative

Since products differ, you’ll be invited into the testing facility to receive further instruction. As you test the products, you will benefit not only the manufacturer but also the general public. After all, you will have an opportunity to give your opinion before that product reaches the marketplace.

Ready to become a paid product tester in NJ? Here’s how to get started.

  • Step one: Check out your local New Jersey testing lab. You can either contact the facility directly or apply to become a panelist.
  • Step two: You may want to begin by looking at the specific trials that are currently being conducted. You can also apply to become a general panelist. Based on the data you provide, you will be contacted when there is a study that matches your criteria.
  • Step three: Visit the facility and provide your honest feedback.

Becoming a paid product tester in NJ is as easy as 1-2-3, so there’s no need to hesitate. Whether you are interested in technology, beauty, or medicine, there are always new products that are nearly ready for their big debut. You can be a part of this exciting process and test these products before anyone else.

Have questions or concerns? We’d love to hear from you — contact us today!