Our Family Legacy

Consumer Product Testing℠ Company began in 1975 and has since become our family’s legacy. Passed down from father to son, we pride ourselves on thorough practices and honest results. Determined to exceed our client’s expectations and the industry’s regulatory demands, our family has strived to build an Organization that sets the bar for the dynamic and challenging industries we serve.

To meet our client’s ever-changing needs, our staff, our facility, located in Fairfield, New Jersey, and our capabilities continue to evolve. We are dedicated, as a family and as a Company, to staying on the forefront of the testing industry.

Mel Weiss - CPT Labs

Mel Weiss
Chairman, Board of Directors

Craig Weiss - CPT Labs

Craig R. Weiss
Co-CEO and President

Lon Weiss - CPT Labs

Lon L. Weiss
Co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer

Joy Frank - CPT Labs

Joy Frank
Executive Vice President

Todd Frank - CPT Labs

Todd Frank
Manager of Facilities & Maintenance

Randy Kaufman
Travel and Conferences Coordinator

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CPT℠ By The Numbers 2018

CPT℠ By The Numbers 2018


New Panelists
in 2018



(18.5% increase from 2017)



(23% increase from 2017)


Performed HRIPT
Product Tests

(17.4% increase from 2017)


ASD Sample
Tests Performed

(7.2% increase from 2017)


Micro Sample
Tests Performed

(25.6% increase from 2017)


IV Sample
Tests Performed

(29.3% increase from 2017)


Clinical & Photobiology
Samples Evaluated


Clinical & Photobiology
Panelist Visits

Division Growth Through the Years

Integrity Drives Everything We Do

At CPT℠, our commitment to our clients is rooted in the responsibility we share with their consumers. Our commitment to the safety and efficacy of the products we test is the direct result of our dedication to improving the lives of those who use them. From this foundation, we have assembled a team of highly-skilled professionals. Through their mentorship, our clients are given access to the technology and knowledge to avoid costly pitfalls associated with complex regulatory and compliance standards. CPT℠ was built on a legacy of integrity and a dedication to going extra lengths to ensure the high standards that protect the health of the consumer. This is our promise.

We comply with:

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Why Choose CPT℠?

Established in 1975, Consumer Product Testing℠ Company is an independent contract testing laboratory located in Fairfield, New Jersey. When it first opened, CPT℠ provided toxicology services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, chemical and household product industries. We have since then expanded our capabilities to include analytical chemistry, clinical safety, efficacy, claims validation, photobiology, microbiology, sterility and in-vitro toxicology testing services.

We pride ourselves on having updated our facilities from 3,600 to 45,000 square feet over more than 40 years in business. Thus, our laboratories are equipped with cutting edge equipment and methodologies, enabling us to offer both routine and advanced research services to clients.