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Get Paid to Review Beauty Products: Step-by-Step Guide

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Products on the shelves are the result of a long testing process. From formulation testing through preservative testing to stability testing, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a successful consumer product.

To ensure that a company’s product is market ready, it needs to be safe and effective. The company uses testing facilities to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the product.  Volunteers (subjects) are invited to test these products under controlled conditions and get paid to review beauty products as a result. Whether you are interested in testing the latest eyeshadow or skin serum, you can be a part of this exciting process.

Why Become a Subject?

There are a lot of unique opportunities for subjects like you to voice opinions on beauty care products. As a subject on a clinical trial, you would be able to use a product before it was distributed for sale to the general public. While you would get paid for your time testing the product, your feedback will directly impact the product development process and future products.

For example, you may notice that a facial serum does not dry quickly enough. This is the type of valued feedback that could support the long-term success of that product. By offering your time and opinion, you will essentially be a part of something greater — and that’s exciting!

Working alongside experts in their field, within a unique environment, is highly rewarding. This is particularly true for anyone who has an interest in science and technology, packaging, or even marketing. With incredible resources at your fingertips, your input will contribute to safer, more effective products.

Take These Steps to Become a Subject

If you would like to get paid to review beauty products, follow these steps.

Step One: Become a Subject

There are always new and exciting products waiting to be tested. That is why you should look to participate in clinical trials in your area. If you’re unsure where to begin, it’s best to apply to become a volunteer (subject). Once you provide a profile of your personal characteristics, the testing facility will match you to various clinical trials.

Since the characteristics of trials vary, you will be informed when a good match occurs. For example, testing the effectiveness of a night serum may require women between the ages of 40 and 65 years. In contrast, a fun hair and body glitter will have age requirements between 6 and 12 years.

Step Two: Test Products

Once the testing facility finds the right match, you will be invited to the facility. Upon your arrival, professionals will guide you through each step. Be sure to ask questions. The better you understand what is requested of you, the better your feedback will be.

Depending on the clinical trial design, you may be asked to use a product and then answer questions about anything from packaging to the texture. This is your time to tell the company what you would like to see in a product.  This information helps improve the product, supporting the development of new products.

Step Three: Repeat and Support the Growing Marketplace

Once you have participated in your first trial as a subject, you will see how rewarding it is to assist in product development. If you enjoyed your experience and would like to once again get paid to review beauty products, seek out new opportunities. Keep in contact with your local testing facility. Before you know it, you will have actively supported numerous companies and hundreds (if not hundreds of thousands) of customers.

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