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How to Get Involved with the Responsible Beauty Initiative

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CPT Labs

When it comes to the beauty and personal care industry, ethics is good business. An initiative was recently formed that focuses on positive environmental and social efforts. These priorities, in addition to emphasizing more sustainable practices, not only impact suppliers of raw materials for products, but also manufacturers of beauty and personal care products, who use the raw materials.

It’s imperative that the manufacturers and suppliers are able to thoroughly test their product(s) at a credible, ethical testing facility.

What Is the Responsible Beauty Initiative?

Founded in 2017 by EcoVadis, the leader in supply chain sustainability ratings, and four leading beauty companies, the Responsible Beauty Initiative was created to improve sustainability throughout the beauty supply chain. Focusing on best practices and processes, this initiative drives the use of common tools with a shared understanding across the industry to follow good environmental, social, ethical and business practices. This not only encourages greater sustainability, maximizes shared value across supply chains, and drives credible, ethical practices.

Why Become a Product Tester?

Focusing on more sustainable practices, the Responsible Beauty Initiative promotes procedures that are ethical. That means, that the way in which products are tested has a significant impact. Beauty and personal care product testing has shifted to in vitro testing followed rapidly by human testing.

After initial testing to establish safety, products are introduced to volunteers (subjects) to test before anyone else in the marketplace. Based on the product’s performance and efficacy, the subjects can then share their valued opinion and suggestions. For example, a manufacturer may want to test a skin cream on subjects with sensitive skin. Subjects (who often become regulars) are provided with a unique and rewarding opportunity to provide critical information for product development.

The marketplace wants to actively support more sustainable practices and as a subject in these tests, you could “pay forward” in more ways than one. While supporting this initiative, you will be able to actively voice your opinion, with the intent of improving a beauty product or personal care product during development.

Clinical Trials Currently Available at CPT

CPT conducts new clinical trials and studies on a regular basis. Whether testing a new lip gloss or a facial serum, social and ethical testing is critical to help achieve honest, beneficial feedback.

Ethical and responsible beauty testing is common at CPT.  For example, CPT is currently looking for subjects who would like to test a night cream and other subjects to test a face serum.

Females between the ages of 18 and 55 are also invited to test blush and lip products. From teeth whitening studies to pediatric makeup, there are many opportunities. Please feel free to view all of the current studies here and if interested, you can sign-up to become a subject here.